Richard Williams

My career in fitness began as a powerlifter in 1988. After a few power meets, I discovered bodybuilding, and fell in love with the sport, the power and the discipline. My passion was ignited, and I began the pursuit of my dream to become a champion bodybuilder. I entered my very first bodybuilding show in 1991, and I have not looked back since.
My bodybuilding career spans more than 2 decades with numberous weight class wins, 4 overall titles in National qualifiers, and a national championship win as a middleweight at the 1996 USA bodybuilding Championships.
I have been training, coaching clients and helping people achieve their fitness goals for over 20 years, and will continue to do so until I die.
I absolutely love helping people change their lives through fitness.

Richard’s achievements:
1994 NPC San Diego middleweight and overall Champion
1994 NPC Orange County Muscle Classic middleweight and overall Champion
1996 NPC USA middleweight Champion
1998 NPC Border States lightheavyweight and overall Champion
2012 NPC San Diego lightheavyweight and overall Champion
2014 NPC California State lightheavyweight and overall Champion
2015 NPC Night of the Champions lightheavyweight and overall Champion