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“I take your physique seriously…so should you.”.

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Pete Ciccone has been changing physiques for over 20 years. His first exposure to physique manipulation came from studying the High Intensity Training techniques introduced by Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer in the Nautilus Training system in 1987. His window of study expanded as he journeyed into competitive bodybuilding. Pete’s introduction to the competitive stage began in 1989, and continues to this day. His successes include top honors in the Massachusetts state bodybuilding championships in 1994, the NPC Arizona State Championships in 1999, the NPC California State Championships in 2007, and several top 5 finishes at the NPC USA’s from 2009-present.

His formal education as a Registered Nurse with a specialization in Diabetes management and Rehab further broadened Pete’s exposure to the science behind nutrition, metabolism and pathways of energy production and nutrient utilization. Pete has held certification as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association since 2001. His exposure to this academically founded specialization, his knowledge of metabolism and the manipulation of body composition, combined with his 20+year tenure as a competitive athlete have given Pete a unique set of skills that set him apart from your everyday “personal trainer”.

Pete has coached many personal trainers, professional and top level amateur physique competitors, as well as athletes of all experience levels, and believes that the bodybuilding lifestyle is much more than just making your body look better.

“Inside each and every one of us, there is a hardcore athlete, a superhero, screaming to get out. We owe it to those around us to nurture and develop that inner superman. The bodybuilding way of life gives us the tools and the pathway to unleash that inner hardcore spirit, that drive toward constant self-improvement. By building a better body, you are building a better YOU. A stronger, fitter, and more capable YOU – and that’s the path to changing the rest of the world.”

“You owe it not only to yourself, but to those who are important to you, to be the best YOU that you can be. Through the process of building a sound, solid physical self, you develop the tools necessary to become a stronger, more productive, more confident individual, and a contributing member of your family, your community. These tools transcend the physical, and spill over into every facet of our lives. Unleash your own inner superhero, and feed your hardcore! I’m here to show you how!”

Peterbuilt Professional Services:

  • One on One physical training services
  • Comprehensive Nutritional guidance
  • Complete competition prep for bodybuilding, physique competition
  • Weight loss, Body Recomposition, Body re-shaping

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“To give less than 100% is to sacrifice the gift.” John PreFontaine

Peter Ciccone