Patrick Harrington

Age: 33 Weight Off-Season: 165 - 170 Contest: 148 Height: 5'4 Current Residency: San Diego, CA Years Competing: 20

Patrick has been working out since he was 14, for almost 20 years. He trains at the one and only World’s Gym in Pacific Beach. Home of the 619 Muscle headquarters.

His long-term fitness goals are to keep competing and improving every year, wherever that takes him. He plans on bringing his best to the stage at the USA’s in July.

“Why I chose to train with Pete. Pete is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced bodybuilders out there. In my opinion, there was not even a second thought to train with anyone else but Pete and become a member of 619 muscle. Pete is one of my favorite bodybuilders and has one of the most amazing physiques in the business. Not only is Pete one of the best trainers I have ever worked with, he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.”