Daniel Ishi

"While aiming to compete is very important I believe that strength training is the very base in any individuals training. "

Professional trainer and Strength coach:3yrs experience Competitive powerlifter 2yrs in USPA
Strength and Powerlifting Specialist
I’ve been a lifetime competitive athlete competing in everything from traditional sports(soccer, basketball, Shot Put, wrestling and football) to competing in MMA and No-gi Jiu-jitsu in that time strength training has always been apart of it. So after a short time away from competing I realized that I wanted to find another way to continue to compete and train as an athlete and I turned to powerlifting.
Before I got back into fully training I wanted to grow my knowledge a bit more for my own use but that shortly turned into wanting to share it with others, after I finished up at NPTI(National Personal Training Institute) where I became an ACPT I applied all around San Diego county with no luck. This was a blessing for me because I decided to set out on my own, as I progress the goals have changed a bit but they very root has stayed the same “make people stronger”
I am a full time coach and trainer, a small business owner and athlete. I am 619 Muscle strong.
Accomplishments:Nationally and Internationally qualified for competition
Long Beach Open 2014: 2nd Place 220 open raw class
Southern California Championship 2015:1st Place 220 open raw class, 3rd Place deadlift only 220 raw
Daniel Ishi