Charley Boon Muscles His Way to the Big Screen

619 MUSCLE Family member and NPC Physique competitor, Charley Boon, has spent the past several months pounding the iron, slamming protein and churning away on the dreaded stairmill, exploring new levels of fitness. He’s pushed his own limits of fatigue, tested his own strength of sinew and strength of spirit, against unyielding iron, pressed on through unfamiliar levels of fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion, as he pushed his once-soft, common, “every-man’s” body into the realm of the super-heroic.


Charley is an actor by passion and profession. He’s spent the greater part of his entire life either on the stage in front of the camera or behind the scenes as an acting coach, sharing his passion with many of today’s top and up-and-coming actors in the Hollywood scene. “My life on the dramatic stage began at the age of 7 years old. I have been working in front of the camera on television and film projects since my early 20’s, and I have also been coaching actors for about the past 10 years, including many A list celebrities for roles in major motion pictures.”

Charley’s exploration into the discipline of bodybuilding and fitness did not happen by accident, it was also a part of his journey as an actor. But the further he explored the world of muscle and iron, the more he became fascinated with what would soon become his new-found passion. Charley had to muscle up for his current role in the Los Angeles Center Studios produced feature film, Synapse.


Synapse is a futuristic action-drama. My role as one of the main characters, Agent 702, is very physically demanding. My preparation to play Agent 702 included increasing my physical capabilities to be able to meet the realistic demands of this part. There’s alot of running, jumping and dramatic fight scenes; I needed to be in top shape in order to perform at my very best. Of course, getting into good shape is also something that most of us desire anyway, but doing it for a purpose put a whole new spin on simply going to the gym; it also brought an additional pressure. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own – I had tried several times, without success.

My wife and I decided I should find an expert in the field who had the skill set to coach me. That’s when I hired professional bodybuilder and Physique Specialist, Pete Ciccone, IFBB Pro bodybuilder to oversee my transformation. Pete says, if you drive a Porsche, you don’t bring your car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. You bring it to the people that know Porsche’s the best. The same goes for your body. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle size, you bring your body to the experts at losing fat and gaining muscle – you call on the bodybuilders.”


“Transforming the body is something that I’ve learned is fairly simple. It’s not easy, but the process is fairly simple. It just takes work, consistent work, attention to detail, and a solid plan. That’s why I’m glad I’ve got a good coach, who had the plan, and the support of my 619 MUSCLE family.”


Charley’s transformation included an aggressive 5/day per week resistance-training program, a structured cardio regimen, and a regimented, high-protein meal plan, including staggered carbohydrate cycling and a relatively low-fat, high protein baseline. The results? In just under 6 months of a strict nutrition and training program, Charley dropped from 242lbs at his heaviest, to just under 200lbs at his leanest.

As for now, Charley says he’s hooked on the physique game.  “It was one of the greatest and most-fulfilling days of my life.  Big thanks to Mr Jon Lindsay and his company,, and the NPC, for an amazing first-time experience for me.  It was a long, painful journey, but 100% worth every ache, every ounce of fatigue, and every minute of sleep lost.  I can’t wait for my next contest!”

As for us, we can’t wait for Synapse, to be released later this year! (Trailer will debut last week of March, 2014 – Stay tuned!

For more information about Charley Boon and his up-coming projects, including Synapse, please visit the following links:

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