OK, we know our Sexy-Strong girls of 619 MUSCLE have been busy, and have had an amazing 2012, winning shows, turning pro’s, placing in top spots at the NPC Regionals and IFBB pro events, strutting on the Olympia stage, FLEX Bikini modelling, magazine coverage, etc…it’s been another rock-solid year for the ladies!

619 MUSCLE’s own Sexy-Strong Ms. Candis

But, what have the boys been up to?

Super 619 MUSCLE Athlete, Jason Tweed

619 MUSCLE’s own NPC Athlete, Oscar Gastelum

Among other big things, Team 619 MUSCLE’s men have had some outstanding achievements to brag about as well, including top regional and and national placings for several of our athletes, a Pro-status acheivement for one of our bodybuilders, and growing business ventures for several of our young, hard-working family members.

In addition, recently, two of our all-star Men’s Physique Athletes, Tommy and Jason, had the opportunity to shoot with REPS Magazine, showcasing not only their top-level physiques, but demonstrating some technical expertise in the realm of fitness, specifically building better abs, working with a training partner.
Congratulations, guys, always representin’!

Check out the latest issue of REPS Magazine (issue Jan/Feb 2013) for some cool coverage of our boys!